Country Contemporary Garden
Mathern, nr Chepstow

The client wanted a mathematically inspired garden to reflect their 'contemporary classic' country home.

The Fibonacci number, or golden mean spiral, is no stranger to nature, appearing in many plant spirals. So, as a mathematician, it was wonderful to create a terrace around the house based on this theory.

A pale sandstone was used for the main part of the paving, with additional detail introduced by pebble lines intersecting the spiral.

A dingy back entrance to the utility room and kitchen was lightened with the same paving and contemporary planters added containing yew columns and bamboo. Now the path from the back door entices one out to the main lawn of the garden and on to the view of fields and farmland beyond.

An old brick piggery is fronted by beautiful tall white irises and romantic planting, successfully linking with the planting around the spiral paving area.

Planting throughout the garden is naturalistic, incorporating lime green foliage, white flower spires, crimson pin cushions and fluffy swaying grasses.

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