Woodland Garden
Stoke Bishop, Bristol

The ancient Lucombe oak was the inspiration for this beautiful woodland garden.

Semi-mature trees were planted for instant impact and underplanted with woodland shrubs and plants for spring interest. A carpet of English bluebells gives way to stunning spires of white foxgloves, echoing the white bark of the delicate silver birch.

A pennant stone path leads through a green circle of low growing helxine, providing an evergreen glade in which to sit under the beautiful magnolia and enjoy the view of the amazing Lucombe oak.

The woodland path leads on to an area of reclaimed brick flooring, partially enclosed by a tumble down stone wall, evoking the possibility of an old ice house. This is backed by an ancient yew tree and provides another peaceful seating area.

Summer interest is provided with shade tolerant geraniums, oak leaved hydrangeas and ferns, followed by stunning autumn leaf colour. Silhouettes of winter soon give way to early snowdrops and the seasons begin again.

The garden is open to the public 2 days a year as part of the National Garden Scheme (one Sunday in May and one Sunday in June - Lucombe House).

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